Through the use of

you may gain insight into the story behind
The Face In The Photograph!

"Everybody Is Two Bodies
Blended, To Look Like One."

The FIRST Step In Mapping The Body Is Recognizing:

The Two Personalities
That Reside In Each One Of Us.

Bob Dole He's not going away.

Jack Kemp A Counterpoint.

Haley B. He's was Right for the RNC.

Princess Diana Her Light Still Shines.

Tony K. Alaska's Own.

Justice. David S. He Has His Opinion

Bert R.The Leading Man

Jessica S.Anchor Woman

Howard C.Speaking of Sports!

Ronie and Nancy R.A Team Effort

Liza M.Judy's Baby, on a bad day .

The DukeTake A Look, Pilgrim.

Richard N. The Early Years

Richard N.The Later Years

Angie D.Lady Lady Lady 3 times .

Judge B.Don't Be Fooled By Him.

Bob H.Thanks For The Memories.

Albert E.It's Just Energy.

James C.The Spirit Of The Elf.
The General.Don't Argue With Him.

Jack N.He Is Still Shining.

Victor Y.He Ran PRAVDA In '82.

Josef, Himself!

and many many more!

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