The Purpose of para-comm unlimited:
To provide education in the field of Non-Verbal Communications,
with regard to the recognition and understanding of
the Human Body and the Human Condition.

To enable
your intuition communicate with your intellect.

To facilitate interpersonal understanding and cooperation.

To establish a foundation for the position that
the system can provide for the individual .

The process is called Para Communications Technique, P.C.T.©

The Tool is called BODY-MAPPING©

para-comm unlimited was established in 1976
as a center for the distribution of information to facilitate
a more complete recognition of the Individual.

Through BODY-MAPPING proof is offered that
much of Human Personality
may be the result of patterns in the DNA.

By documenting the relationship between
the individual appearance and
the action or personality trait,
para-comm unlimited
has become a recognized leader in this field.

"In the Court Room, Class Room
Board Room or Bed Room,
understanding the motivation of the people around you
is a very valuable asset".

BODY-MAPPING is a way of putting words onto the body.
This facilitates easy recognition of the
BODY-MIND-BODY relationship.

You learn from text and charts and by observation,
that there is a demonstrable relationship between
particular thought patterns and
corresponding, representative parts of the body.

The effect of that Body-Mind-Body relationship
is a visible reflection of the decision making style
of the people you see around you.
Many of the desires, decisions, and
the process that precedes the decision,
can be anticipated with remarkable accuracy.

" BODY-MAPPING gives your Intuition words
to communicate with your Intellect."

"You Remember In Your Logical Brain,
What You Already Knew In Your Intuitive Brain."

Please send your Questions, Ideas and/or Comments to
Josef Princiotta

Thank You!

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