Edgar Paul Boyko Esq.

1918 - 2002

Fmr. Attorney General, Alaska
Josef Princiotta and I have collaborated on major litigation matters for more than thirty years, both in Alaska and in several lower 48 states. His unique contributions as a forensic artist, an imaginative and innovative creator of demonstrative evidence, an insightful consultant in the vital and sensitive process of jury selection, as well as in the myriad aspects of trial preparation, have been invaluable.

I can give Mr. Princiotta no greater testimonial than to say that over the period of thirty two years, in well over fifty major cases, we have never lost a jury trial in which we collaborated .

I would not consider starting a major jury trial,
unless I had Josef Princiotta at my side.


Phillip Paul Weidner Esq.

Trial Attorney
Anchorage, Alaska

(907) 276-1200
Josef Princiotta has enlightened and assisted me and numerous fellow trial lawyers in the mysterious, scientific, crucial and elusive art of jury selection for more than 20 years.

His insights and predictions and the corresponding effect in major criminal and civil trials have been extraordinary -
"The vital edge".

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