Thoughts About Jurors, Lawyers and Judges
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we will look at a varity of photos,
personalities and news events that
have a special interest for
Lawyers, Judges and
Members of Law Enforcement.

Every Body is TWO Bodies,
blended together like a married couple.

Through the use of BODY-MAPPING,
you gain a valid and useful insight into
the personality and desires of
the "Edith and Archie Bunker"
that live in each one of us
and drive our inherited personality and make our choices.

The way you approach any given life situation or activity
may be determined more by the same forces
that mold and shape your DNA, than by
all the experiences and instruction you have received.
Your DNA in turn, forms and shapes your Body.

In All The World, Your Look Is Unique.
You Are As Unique As You Look.

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

When you look at clothing, jewelry and make-up
you are looking at the 'Cover of the Book"
When you look into the Face of another,
you are looking at 'The Book'.

Read the Body-Language and
the Signals in the Faces of the people you meet.

Suggestions for
Effective Jury Selection
Which one of these "prospective Jurors" would be
more likley to convict, in a criminal trial?

The information presented in Court
is directed toward the "Logical" side of the brain.
Words and numbers are generally received by
The Left Hemisphere of The Brain.
The Right side of the body.

The Faces Of Their Outer Expressions!
The Way They Would Answer Questions.
The "Front" They Display To The Public.

The Juror's Vote comes after the Juror
processes feelings and forms beliefs.

Feelings and Beliefs generally result in
increased Right Hemisphere activity.

The Juror's vote comes from
the Right side of The Brain.

The Right hemisphere of The Brain is
more neurologically connected to
the Left side of The Body.
The Juror's Vote Comes From
The Left Side of The Body.

The Faces Of Their Inner Feelings!
The "Look" Of Their Negotiation Styles.
The "Personality" Of Their Vote In The Jury Room.

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