Pronounced - Joseph Prince Yota
Photo of Himself
Photo by Ludwig Laab
Josef Princiotta is an Artist,
a Medical Illustrator and Sculptor.
He is a Designer, and Inventor
with patents in Computer Design, Electronic Engineering .

Small Blank Space As an expert in the field of Non-Verbal Communications
osef is a frequent consultant to Doctors, Lawyers,
Business Leaders and Members of Law Enforcement.

Small Blank SpaceHe is a Teacher, Lecturer, Entertainer and
Josef is a Physiognomist (Fiz-ee-og-no-mist).
That is: One who determines personal characteristics
from the shape and form of the face and the body.

Small Blank SpaceJosef lived in Japan and the Far East for 6 years, he speaks a little Japanese, has taught English conversation classes and produced a monthly cartoon strip for an English students magazine while he was there in 1960,61 and 62.

Small Blank SpaceJosef was assigned to Japan in 1969 and 70 to be the General Manager of the American Park at the 1970 Expo in Osaka where he supervised the construction of 7 pavilions and exhibits, and designed and supervised the building of 11 restaurants and gift shops.

Small Blank SpaceHe has long been a student of the Chinese and Japanese Healing Arts and Medicine and frequently conducts classes in Eastern Philosophy and Physiognomy. He used his time in Japan to further research in these interests.

Small Blank SpaceJosef has learned how to recognize and understand the universal, nonverbal signals of Human Shape, Form and Movement.

Small Blank SpaceHe has developed an EASY method of teaching his concept to others, called BODY-MAPPING. Some of the Photos used in Teaching are available for your viewing.
Small Blank SpaceJoe uses techniques which he has borrowed from the Chinese. He has modified these Eastern techniques for application here, in the West, in Education, in Medicine, and within the Legal System.

Small Blank SpaceJoe has worked for more than 25 years for a number of attorneys in several Western States, on a variety of cases, both Civil and Criminal. He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Jury Selection and Forensic Communications.

Small Blank SpaceDuring the Jury selection process, at the start of a trial, Joe gets an opportunity to observe a person as they are being interviewed by the Judge and the attorneys a process called "VOIR DIRE" 1.

1. the examination of a proposed witness or juror to ascertain the person's competence to give or hear testimony. [1670-80; French -VOIR true, truly + DIRE to say]

Small Blank SpaceFrom the BODY LANGUAGE of a prospective Juror, Joe gets stories, vital information as to how the individual may approach life, in general.

Small Blank SpaceHe considers the messages of BODY-MOVEMENT, as well as the messages of BODY COLOR, SHAPE, FORM, HAIR STYLE, GROOMING and BODY TRAUMA and/or DECORATION.
These features may be more telling as to fundemental patterns of Personal Style and Requirements and may predict future choices, movement and positioning.

Small Blank SpaceIn the case of a prospective Juror, Josef believes that "The Juror's Natural Inherited Approach to Life may influence the final vote and verdict as much as any element of the evidence or testimony, presented during the trial."

Comments From Lawyers.

Small Blank SpaceBecause his way of Mapping The Human Form and looking at Body Language is contemporary, detailed and useful, Josef is often asked to demonstrate and to teach his unique methods.

Small Blank SpaceHe says that "The special physical characteristics you have,
what makes YOU Stand out in a crowd and
Your unique look, might also be conveying
an inner, inherited desire to express your self in a unique style."
"You, your shape and form are readable",
and you want others to read you!
You want others to recognize your needs, wants and desires! "

Please send your Questions, Ideas and/or Comments to
Josef Princiotta . . . . . . He will/may answer you!

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