Body-Mapping for Better Health!

On these pages you will find
information on the application of
to diagnosis and
treatment of Dis-Ease.
You may gain useful insight into
the Mind/Body relationship
and consider the effect of the Mind on The Body.
In the Healing Process I think this is obvious.
The immune system is very reflective of
the emotional state of the individual.
Mental Stress and its effects on the Body
have been generally recognized and accepted
by a wide cross section of
the Health Care Community.

However there is also the relationship Body/Mind.
The effect the Body has on the Mind.

Thinking, is a process that involves the entire Body .

There are countless reflections of "thought"
in the positioning and the condition of the physical body.
A more common form of body language is to "read" the movements.
Diagnostic Body-Mapping
is recognizing
where memory is stored in the body.
Putting words on the body in the same way that
a map has words and symbols printed over the surface
to let you know where you are and
what to expect from that particular place.

By exposing the Mind/Body connection
to the patient and by demonstrating
the changes that emotion produce in the body,
they may be encouraged and guided
toward a faster more complete recovery.

The Mind and Body, it has been said,
may be "two ends of the same stick".

What ever the Mind and Body are,
they are not separate and unrelated.

There are several places on the body where
"The Theme of the Individual" is repeated.
Places where information is available.
Information about the entire body.
These are the places where we begin our journey of discovery.

The Face The Ear The Eye The Hand The Foot

"To understand the organism,
we must always consider the environment
in which you find it!"


We Consider The Environment of The Human Body.

We are
More will be added to these pages!

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