Body-Mapping The HAND!

Remember the Right Hand says:

"I Show and I Deal With Life."
The Left Hand says:
"I Know and I Feel Life."
This is the same whether the person is Right Handed or Left Handed.
The Difference with Left Handed People is:
They usually want to get their Heart into the matter before most Right Handers do!

Both Thumbs, R-1 and L-1
Represent the subject themselves and say:

"I Am!"

Both Index Fingers, R-2 and L-2
Represent and Reflect, Rules and Limits and say:

"I Know!"

Both Middle Fingers, R-3 and L-3
Represent and Reflect, Give and Take and say:

"I Want!"

Both Ring Fingers, R-4 and L-4
Represent and Reflect, Service or Work and say:

"I Do!"

Both Little Fingers, R-5 and L-5
Represent and Reflect, the Public and say:

"I Show!"

With this in mind:
R-1 represents
The Self, Shown to The World. The Rational Self
While L-1 represents
The Self, Known to the Self. The Emotional Self

R-2 represents
Authority and Laws, Shown to The World.
While L-2 represents
Rules and Morals, Known to the Self.

R-3 represents
Material Things, Shown to The World.
While L-3 represents
Loves and Desires, Known to the Self.

R-4 represents
The Job or Carrer, Offered to The World.
While L-4 represents
Natural Talent or Service From The Heart .

R-5 represents
The Public Display, Shown to The World.
While L-5 represents
The Public, Intutively Known to the Self.

More will be added . . . . . . . .
Last Updated July 2012

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