Body-Mapping The Ear

For thousands of years the Chinese have
documented the relationship of the Ear and the Body
The curves and folds of the Ear
reflect all the other parts of the Body

Thought is a process that involves the entire body.

There are reflections of thought pattern in the shape of the Ear
The shape of the Ear has evolved to send signals.
If the only job of the Ear was to
guide sound waves to the eardrum
the Ear would have a very different shape.

To recognize and understand this, first consider the well known reflections
and the documented connections of the nerves in the ear and
all the other parts of the body.

Shown here greatly abridged

A reflects The Top of The Head
B reflects The Face and The Eye
C reflects The Shoulder
D reflects The Neck
E reflects The Lungs and The Heart
F reflects The Spine and The Mid Back
G reflects The Arm and The Wrist
H reflects The Pelvis
I reflects The Hand and Fingers
J reflects The Foot and Toes
K reflects The Leg
L reflects The External Sex Organs
M reflects The Diaphragm
N reflects The Nose and Upper Lip
O reflects The Upper Teeth
P reflects The Mouth and Lower Teeth

Body-Mapping identifies the relationship between
the Form and Shape of the Ear and
Inherited Traits that are evident in the personality.

The Personality Does Not Make The Body!
The Body Does Not Make The Personality!
They Are Two Manifestations Of The Same Process.

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