The Body-Mind-Body Relationship

Body-Mapping © is . . . . . . .
creating a map by creating
a grid over the body and identifying
the emotion or the memory
that may be related to a particular
area, feature or part of the body.

Frequently, emotion is expressed through the movement and position of the body.

Body-Mapping © improves the definition and understanding of the people around you.

Just as with any map we use a North or Front
and a South or Back,
and an East and West, or Right and Left.

A map is two dimensional. The Body is three dimentional.

The Body-Map has two extra directions . . . . Up and Down.

One of the primary steps in mapping the body is . . .
Assigning Values and Directions.
We use Up and Down, Front and Back and Right and Left.
Not Right and Wrong.

The two halves of the body are NOT symetrical internaly.

The two halves of the body are NOT symetrical externally,
even though they may seem to be. Take a Closer Look.

This is what I call "The Two That Show Themselvs As One"
(the title of aother frequently requested talk)

In order that our mind may consider alternatives, we are given a mental ability.
We are able to think of more than one way to look at any one thing.
We are able to compare one set of values with another.

This would be impossible if we could only have one thought, one view, one opinion.
To be able to perform mental consideration of different values,
we must be able to compare.
Knowing what a thing is not, may be as important as knowing what it is.

We must be able to hold different views about the same thing, at the same time.

The two halves of the Brain are NOT for conflict with one another.
Each half is able to process in its own way and then compare.

It is this ability that makes us seem unpredictable and confusing to each other.

It is this ability, this mental duality that gives us all stress.

How we each cope with the uncertainties of life, how we each process the data flowing into our bodies moment to moment, this I believe is evident in our unique physical presentation to the universe.

BODY-MAPPING© facilitates useful insight into the relationship of the Mind and Body and the effect of that relationship on Disease and the Healing Process!

Inner mental conflict and confrontation display in outer signs called Dis-Ease.

Clearly we are able to hold, in our mind, differing views simultaneously, in order to be able to consider, to evaluate and to decide on a particular response.

The definition of Self demands the definition of the Other.

A few basics from my point of view.

The exploration of Human Personality is not a search for the right and the wrong.

My Universe is made of "One Thing". Everything I perceive and all that I can not perceive are of that one thing, the center of all things.

We perceive it only by contrast. We are aware of the presents and the absence in contrast to each other.

While they seem to be two separate "things", Hot and Cold are in reality Hot and Less Hot. Positive and Negative in electricity are in reality electrons and less electrons, or in this case more correctly,
Less Electrons = Positive and More Electrons = Negative.

Light and Dark, Hard and Soft, Sound and Silence, all are
"The One That Shows Its Self As Two"
(the title of aother frequently requested talk)

The common error is giving substance and power to some evil spirit or force. In a One Universe or in a One God theory,
there can be no independent source of Power!

Just as with all other perceptions, without contrast there is no definition. But one must not get caught up in this apparent duality, the duality is an illusion,
there is only one source in the Universe.

There is no evil force at the center of the people and the actions we call evil.

There is deep in the offender, hunger, a wanting, a void.

The predator's attempt to fill the void is an offense to the victim.

If the predator can not find a socially acceptable way to fill the void, society has methods of dealing with this ever-present condition.

But these methods are failing. It is time to look deeper into the question.

It is necessary for me to set out my definition of how things are, before I can go further into identifying shape, form and color of the Human Being and dissecting the Human Personality.

I am not in the business of identifying the levels of human ranking, from good to bad, in this body trait or that personality. Such rankings do not exist in my world.

I am in the business of pointing out that perhaps as much as 80% of the way people do, what people do, is a result of inherited personality propensities,
beyond their control.

The ramification of this could be significant.

You need not agree of course.

In the first step of mapping the body, consider the asymmetry of the body. This is very evident in the two halves of every face you see.

This full face is not the same on the right side as it is on the left!

That is because there are two personalities in each one of us!

The first step in Body-Mapping is deviding the body into its two personalities.

In seeing the individual person as the blending of two separate personalities, much is explained about the process of thought and the expression of desires.

Do not be surprised or confused by the "contradictions" in expression or choice, that are so frequently found in our dealings with each other.

The competition between two personalities, within the self, is responsible for much of the unpredictable nature found in of each of us. In fact it is relatively easy to recognize the desires and to predict in a general way, the actions of the other once you realize there are two of them in there.
Making one full face face out of two left halves!

This is the side of the face connected to the Right brain.

This is the Heart side of the face.

Some examples of this First Step in Mapping The Body
can be found on the Revealing Photos of Famous People page.

Each individual person, revealed as a couple.
This clears up a lot of the confusion.
You can see why people seem to be so "unpredictable".
You will get a picture of the "Two" complementary personalities
that reside in each "One" of us.


Yin and Yang and You!

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