Born into an artistic and creative family,
Josef soon demonstrated his natural skill as a sculptor.
Here are a few examples of his highly detailed
Gold, Silver and Bronze sculptures.
His works range in size from 1.5 inches to over 30 feet.

Further details are available on request.

You may click on any photo to see a larger version.

Limited Edition 24 inches Tall

Limited Edition 18 inches Tall

Character Studies and Portrait Sculptures
Solid 14 kt. Gold and Gold over Silver.
2 to 8 inches high - One Of A Kind.

"The Last Blue Whale"
Bronze over Steel with Black Jade Eyes
30 feet tall in the Plaza, Carr Gottstein Building.
310 K Street, Anchorage Alaska

"The Last Blue Whale" in Winter

"The Last Blue Whale" The eye

"Senator Ernest Gruening "
With Senator Wayne Morse (D) Oregon
They refused to sign the 'Gulf of Tonkin Resolution'.

. . . . . .
"Taurus and Gemini Pendant"
Taurus Side . . . . . . Gemini Side
One Of A Kind 6 oz. - 14 kt. Gold.

"Howard Robard Hughes Memorial Medallion"
Front . . . . . . Back
Limited Eddition 10 oz. - 18 kt. Gold

. . . . . .
"A Comb For Debra"
Front . . . . . . Back

Sterling Silver-17 oz.

Made for the 'Playmate of the Year' Cover Shot.
For Debra Jo Fondren
Several elements in this comb - sculpture,
are reflections of Debra Jo's deep fantasies.
In collaboration, Josef and Debra Jo have created
a very personal example of classic 70's Erotic Art.
Just Like Debra Jo, The Comb is a 'One Of A Kind'

"Suki's Surprize!"
22 inches High Bronze 'One Of A Kind'

"The Raven's Dream"
26 inches High Bronze Limited Eddition

Please send your Questions, Ideas and/or Comments to
Josef Princiotta . . . . . . He probably will answer you!

Thank You!

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