The United States of America
Is A Big Beautiful Country. . . All Of It!


Please Help Put Alaska On The Map.

For over thirty years
The Committee To Put Alaska on The Map
has been reminding Groups and Organizations,
both Private and Government that

The United States total: 50 States and have since 1959.

When you say AMERICA in your printed materials, and

if there is a need to include a map in your presentation,

please consider that Alaska and Hawaii are part of America too.

If you mean the Entire U.S. then please show this map of The Entire U.S.

We ask that you include this correct representation of America

somewhere within the document or advertisement you produce.

There may be a good reason to show the 48 contiguous states

larger in your document. However do not leave the reader with the

false concept that Alaska is located somewhere off the coast of Mexico.


America - The way it really looks.
The map shown has less than 10% distortion at any point.

Our children have enough difficulty learning geography as it is.

Many people to this day think that Alaska is a separate country.

Please send your Questions, Ideas and/or Encouraging Comments to
Josef Princiotta

The Committee To Put Alaska On The Map
We Thank You . . . . For Your Support.

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